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We are an outlier food truck, operating around the greater Edmonton area in Alberta, Canada.  We like to go to markets and sometimes hide in alleys in small towns, or abandoned softball fields on highway 21 a little south of the Looma turn off.  We like music festivals & gatherings with interesting people.  Stella is the name of our truck, she carries our street kitchen to where ever the wind blows her.  No matter where we go, we love to serve great tasting food to unsuspecting people on the street.  We serve up delicious hot press'd sandwiches, along with fries & poutines, and on hot days, ice cream and other cool treats!  If you would like to book us for your event, contact us and we can discuss the details.

We are passionate about serving up great tasting food with smiles & kindness.   Supporting local farmers and businesses is important to us, so we use as many Alberta sourced ingredients as we can. Our goal is to give our community a place where they can share laughs, good company & have delicious food crafted with quality ingredients.  We love our planet!  We stay away from using single use plastics.

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The Arcadian Junction street kitchen food truck is what happens when you take a chance and go on a new adventure!  I decided that I wanted to take my life in a different direction,  pursue the unknown, meet new people and embrace each day as it unfolds.  


My passion is to provide people with flavourful great tasting street food to enjoy the moment they are in. Everything is made with care & attention.  Come celebrate togetherness and full-bellies with us!

We Want to Hear From You!

Do you have any questions or comments, or just want to say hi?  Get in touch with us; we want to hear from our community!





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